Work-Life Balance

It was great fun to have had the opportunity to appear on Women of Grace and to be interviewed by Johnnette Benkovic during the week of April 23rd. Looking back on the week I realize how much was touched on in our discussions of the work of the home and yet, due the many variables involved in keeping up a home, the discussions could have gone on and on. That is what these blogs are meant to stimulate: real discussion and sharing that will produce real encouragement.

One of the universal concerns we all have is balancing of our time between home and outside activities. The first thing we might consider is to be realistic about the time needed to manage our homes.
Even though each home is unique and thus there is no one solution to keeping it up, the need to understand what is important for your home to function well may be the one universal first step in making it a reality. Scheduling priorities so they don’t get relegated to less than they should be takes an honest evaluation. We all have a tendency, when pressing matters begin to squeeze, to tell ourselves that the responsibilities at home are not all that important. After all we aren’t being paid and there is no report card to worry about so it is easy to underestimate the value of the work of the home.

St. Josemaria Escriva wrote “Get used to saying no”. Rather than a negative it can actually be positive advice that can help us take control and live according to our priorities.

The number one material priority most of us cherish is our home, thus saying yes to its needs while saying no to some of those other matters can be one answer to freeing us up and to begin to take control of the work/life balance issue.

May I suggest that by creating a list of the daily, weekly and monthly things to be done you will be on your way to creating a manageable schedule that will help you to not only take control but stay in control, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Fiona

    the idea of priorities moving from daily to weekly to monthly is a great idea. I know that I tend to do the daily things well, but find it difficult to know just what needs to be done weekly and monthly so they get left and only attended to when they are really bad, then it is a big job. Does anyone have any ideas on how to manage those jobs?
    God bless

    • Mary

      Thanks for passing this along, Marti. Fiona, I think you’re definitely not alone with the challenge of managing long range tasks and you’re right: when they build up, they become a bigger job than they need to be. For some people, living by a calendar can be a life-saver. Try scheduling the weekly or monthly tasks just like you would schedule an appointment.

      Does anyone else have ideas for managing the periodic tasks at home?


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