The Stay at Home Mom

Recently the media has been tuned in to the topic of the “stay at home mom” and in particular to the question: “does she really work”? A few years ago I wrote an article about this topic and in it equated mom’s work in the home to a CEO. Most of us don’t put ourselves in that category but in reality we should. We may not be receiving a paycheck for all our work but if we did I doubt that our husbands could afford us!

If you need some talking points for this profession of homemaker let me supply you with some. The head of any company has to be a visionary, needing to look and plan ahead for the overall success of the business. What business is more important than that of the home that houses those who are nearest and dearest? We know how important the environment of the workplace is for people to be happy. But it doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes someone with vision and an ability to make it happen. In a small company it is usually the CEO who wears all the hats. Case in point! Nowhere else do we find anyone wearing as many hats as a homemaker while all the time maintaining an inner vision of creating an uplifting environment for the others.

The numerous factors and hats that enter into the daily efforts of caring for a home would make any MBA’s head spin. Just consider for a moment these few titles that come to mind: Strategic Planner, Head of Quality Control and Human Resources, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Maintenance and Capital Improvements not to mention chief cook and bottle washer.

No matter how it is sliced the “stay at home mom” is a very demanding and rewarding profession that society might now be taking a closer look at. Let’s hope so!

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