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Have you ever read a self-help book or article, set a goal or envisioned a change in your life and then had trouble making it happen?  So often our intentions for positive change whether big or small can become derailed by our current habits and daily challenges.

HomeAdvantage coaching aids you in the process of reaching your goals.  Our coaching program is a combination of on-line and telephone contact to support your efforts for creating the home environment you desire.  The focus of each coaching encounter is on your individual goals and addresses your personal challenges.

When you begin HomeAdvantage coaching, you will start with an overview of your current situation and explore your dreams for creating your home and work/life approach that meets your personal and family goals.  Then through regular email encounters and telephone conversations with your coach you will move at your own pace towards reaching your individual goals.

Building on the effectiveness of the HomeAdvantage discussion groups, we use group conference coaching so that you benefit not just from your relationship with your individual coach but you gain from the experiences of others in the group who are focused on similar goals.

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The home is the environment where family life is nurtured, where the basic needs of the person are cared for and the domestic church is fostered.  Today’s world of dual career families, abundant outside demands, and limited time and economic resources, often distracts from creating a home that meets a family’s spiritual and material needs.

When couples marry they each bring very different home life experiences to their new life together.  From the practical perspectives about organization, cleaning and meal planning to important decisions about family traditions and the education of children, couples benefit from making decisions about their future homes together.

HomeAdvantage offers practical educational approaches for creating a home environment that fosters family communication, peace and happiness.  Creating a Home Together is a brief workbook of reflective questions designed to aid couples in the process of considering their individual perspectives about home life.  It can be incorporated into existing marriage preparation and enrichment programs at either the diocesan or parish level.  Once couples complete the questions individually they talk over their responses and identify areas of agreement and divergence.  The result is an open dialogue about the time, task and responsibility decisions they want to make to create the home life they envision together.

Creating a Home Together is a 30 page book of reflective questions.

1. Each partner receives his or her own book and takes time to independently reflect on and answer the questions about how he or she envisions their home life as a family.

2. Later the couple comes together to compare their responses and discuss the similarities and differences in their expectations and vision for their home.

3. They then join a small group in the context of marriage preparation or marriage enrichment and with the help of a facilitator discuss their shared priorities and next steps for creating their home together.

This reflective conversation will raise practical questions for how to create the home environment they envision.  To provide practical support,  Creating a Home Together can be followed by the HomeAdvantage “Let’s Talk Home” discussion series organized in the parish.

At the office

Over 75% of workers have spouses who are also employed, resulting in less time available for managing responsibilities at home.

Managers in organizations of all sizes recognize the critical impact an employee’s personal life can have on work performance.   HomeAdvantage offers flexible, simple human resource benefits to support employees in their personal lives, making life on-the-job more attractive.  The happier an employee is, the greater the contribution and loyalty to the organization.

HomeAdvantage is a resource for building employee satisfaction and loyalty.  When people feel “in control” managing day-to-day life at home, they can focus more effectively at work, and the outcome is greater productivity.

Employers can provide HomeAdvantage seminars on-site for the convenience of staff members. The programs can be offered as either short, hour-long segments or in a longer seminar format. Specialized programs are also offered for employees with unique demands including teleworkers and frequent travelers.

Scheduling is flexible to fit a company’s unique needs.

HomeAdvantage offers the following employer resources:

  • Licensed materials for on-site discussion groups
  • Work-life integration seminars possibly offered in either short, hour-long segments or in longer educational formats
  • Individual employee coaching packages
  • Work-from-home training for both employers and managers
  • Web resources for integration with existing corporate employee assistance or human resources support services.

For more information, please contact Mary Hunt at 847.770.1934 or at

Some of the forward-thinking companies that have offered the HomeAdvantage programs include:

  • Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
  • DDB Chicago
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • Resurrection Health Systems
  • Hollister Corporation.
  • Edelman Public Relations
  • Kirkland & Ellis
  • Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Minnesota Gastroenterology, P.A.
  • Primera Engineers, Ltd.