Just a Little Thing?

The other day I was thinking about the value of all the little things we take for granted and yet the difference they make in others’ lives. What prompted me to think about little things was an article I read that pointed out the importance of yeast. It only takes a very small amount to leaven all the dough and of course the results are a delicious loaf of bread or yummy cinnamon rolls. Yeast, by its nature isn’t any better than the dough and yet without it the dough wouldn’t amount to much.

So often with all the many things we do around the house we fail to realize that it is precisely those little things that make the house a home. They are important!!

That little bouquet of flowers you picked up at the grocery store to dress up the Wednesday night dinner may not mean much but it says you think the family is pretty special. Words are not necessary, they get the picture.  How about the times you’ve ironed the crease in your husband slacks before an important meeting. And you never like to iron! Or what about that after school smile for the kids when you are dead tired.

Stepping back to let little Haley set the table when you would rather do it yourself.  It may be a small thing but oh, how big it is to Haley!  What about the special birthday plate that you never fail to decorate with each one’s favorite cake? You may have picked up the plate at a garage sale but it is priceless to the family.

I could go on and on but I would rather hear about your favorite “little things”.  Share your favorite little things here.

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