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Women usually love to talk and share things that are meaningful to us in our lives.  As result there are many women getting together discussing various topics. There are home gatherings held to enhance our health and beauty as well as groups designed to lend support in raising children.

For years there have been countless magazines and television shows on various aspects of beautifying a home but until HomeAdvantage Plus there have not been discussion groups to support women in their role as homemakers. To date HomeAdvantage discussion groups have taken place in 18 states across the U.S. and in Taiwan and Singapore lending encouragement to women eager to grow in the practical knowledge of caring for their homes.

“Let’s Talk Home” is a discussion program meant to be a catalyst designed for groups to gather informally and share home management approaches. There are no two homes exactly alike any more than there are two people exactly alike but there are basic principles as well as tried and true hints that are regularly shared in these group discussions.  The three guidebooks that make up the “Let’s Talk Home” series are designed around the major areas of home management : Organizing and Cleaning; Kitchen and Meal Planning and Laundry Systems.

Leader’s Guides are available to get started but friendship and the understanding of the importance of the environment of the home are the real guiding forces that make each gathering a special event. As great as blogging is and receiving hints through the written word, there is nothing that replaces the support of human interaction.

If you have further questions about a discussion group such as ideas for locations to gather, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Getting started is as easy as going to our shopping cart and placing your order. With your order and upon request there are brochures available for distribution to family and friends. In the meantime, visit this page on our website for simple steps to get started.

We hope to hear from you soon. Let’s put the care of the home and its environment right up there with the value of our natural environment. After all home is our most important environment since it houses those that are the nearest and dearest to us.

God bless,


5 Responses to “Join a Discussion Group”

  1. Dianne Packer

    Never to old to learn and improve my home! I am retired and have been married for many, many years. So I was surprised that while watching Kathie and Mary on EWTN, that there are still areas for improvement in my routines. Old bad habits can be hard to break and not dealing with them can lead to resentments. After my husband I renegotiated household chores, we find ourselves more understanding with eachother, keeping the kitchen table always clean and enjoying nightly meals together instead of in front of the TV. Thanks you Katie and Mary for opening my eyes and heart to the sanctity of homemaking.

    • Mary

      Dianne, you are so right…often small frictions in simple household routines can lead to resentments that can potentially have a much larger impact on our relationships. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  2. Carla

    It was a real blessing for me when I saw both Kathi and Mary on EWTN. I had recently prayed to the Lord for help in the area of homekeeping. I am excited to begin my journey on effective housekeeping with the aid of your website!

    • Kathie

      Hi Carla,
      So happy to hear from you. If there are questions that you need answered please don’t hesitate to email us again.
      I can’t promise that we have all the answers to all questions but hopefully we can be of service in guiding you. You have made the first important step by having the desire to be effective in caring for your home.
      God bless,

  3. Carmen

    Hi Kathie,
    I watched you and your daughter on Women of Grace on EWTN and I want to thank you for opening my mind to how special homemaking can be but I have a question for you.
    I’m a mother of 4 boys – age 6 and under. I also work nights as a nurse. I feel overwhelmed and many, many times a day call on God for the graces needed to get through moments in a day that are particularily hard or I pray to a favorite saint to pray for me. I find this helps tremendously! My little children do have little tasks to help me out throughout the day and organization is vital in our life. But one particular task always seems to get the better of me……the laundry! No matter how I try or pray sometimes, frustration seems to reign over me. Piles of clean laundry tossed onto a clean floor (by my husband) only get me upset, anxious (how can I do it all), and which quickly leads to pointing fingers at my husband for not completing a task (he washes and dries it only). Do you have any ideas for me? He particularily hates folding clothes (I let him know that I do too but someone has to do it!) How can I get him to see that folding the clothes that he has washed takes a burden off of me? He is an approachable man but its tough to change old, bad habits, and even more so, someone else’s old, bad habits.
    Thanks for any tips you can give!


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