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Let’s Talk Home is a discussion program designed for groups to gather informally, learn from one another, share home management approaches and discover personalized strategies to create a home that works for their lifestyle.

A practical series of guidebooks provides resource material as a framework to begin the discussion and learning process.

The three Guidebooks in the Let’s Talk Home series are designed around the major areas of home management:

  • HomeAdvantage:  21 Topics to Streamline & Simplify Your Home
  • Making Meals:  Streamlined Meal Planning & Kitchen Organization
  • Lighten the Load:  Simpler Home Laundry Systems

How It Works

A practical guidebook provides resource material to begin the discussion and learning process.

Topics include:

  • Discovering your personal style at home
  • Effective time management for home management
  • Share the care—involving your spouse and children at home
  • Streamlining clutter control strategies
  • Organizing principles for creating routines that work for you.

Each topic is designed to spark a lively hour-long discussion among friends or colleagues.

At the end of each session you will walk away with practical strategies and support from peers along with tips on time, tools and techniques for creating your HomeAdvantage.

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HomeAdvantage discussion groups have been active in over 15 U.S. states including those listed below.

Check back soon to see if there is an active existing group near you.  If not, why not start your own group?

California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington, DC, Wisconsin.

HomeAdvantage is also active in Singapore and developing in Taiwan.  For more information about bringing HomeAdvantage to your area, please contact Mary Hunt at maryhunt@homeadvantageplus.com.

Steps for Starting a HomeAdvantage Discussion Group


1.    Decide who to invite:

  • Consider gathering an informal group of friends during the day or evening
  • Organize discussion meetings through your mother’s club or during a  lunch-hour at work
  • Try planning conversations during children’s playgroups

 2.   Share HomeAdvantage brochures with friends or potential group members

 3.   Order enough workbooks for all participants.  (If using reproducible licensed version*, make enough copies of the discussion topic worksheets for the first sessions.)

 4.    Start by scheduling 4-6 sessions:  try monthly or bi-weekly hour-long meetings

 5.    Decide on the best location:

  • If you are meeting at home, you may want try rotating houses to share the responsibility for hosting.
  • If your school can accommodate you, consider scheduling the session in the morning after everyone drops off their children for the start of the school day.
  • If meeting at home is too distracting, consider gathering your group at a local café or restaurant.

 6.    Review the “Let’s Talk” Guidebook

  • Each section in the table of contents can serve as a starting point for an hour-long discussion.
  • Start with the Discovery section.  You may want to plan to discuss more than one section of the workbook during each session depending on how much conversation is taking place and how much time you have.
  • After completing the Discovery section, move on to other topics depending on the interest of the group.

7.   During discussions—

  •  Allow group members a few moments to read the introductory pages of the topic of the day
  • Then…use the questions in the guidebook to begin the discussion and sharing of experiences.
  • Use the guidebook as a “launching pad” for conversation.  Let the discussion lead you to share ideas and ask other questions—learn from the wealth of knowledge from the others in the group.


You will get the most out of these sessions by focusing on only 1or 2 topics each time you meet. This will allow you to limit the meetings to a workable time frame.  If the sessions exceed more than 60-90 minutes, group members may have difficulty finding time to meet. (Everyone is busy!)

The focus in each session will also encourage your group members to start using the ideas between discussion meetings.

 8.  Between sessions—

Try challenging each other to use one practical strategy after each session and share how it worked the next time you meet.

If you have any questions or would like more ideas for launching your discussion group please contact Mary Hunt at 847.770.1934.

We will be happy to coach you through the process of starting your group.