Efficient Cleaning

In June we launched Kathie’s Corner with seven segments on Clutter Control.

It is a common belief that picking up the clutter is equivalent to cleaning and yet as essential as it is, it is just the beginning. It is only the first part of a preparation stage for efficient cleaning. In reality we can’t clean properly with stuff in the way thus it is vital to be able to keep the clutter under control on a daily basis so that those specified times for cleaning aren’t spent “picking up”.

Hopefully you are now ready to move to the second preparation stage for efficient cleaning which is the mental attitude of working smarter, not harder.
In order to accomplish this it is helpful to begin by taking into account five considerations: 1) the scope of the job 2) the method to be used 3) the approach needed
4) the necessary resources and 5) the time involved.
Most of us don’t think about these things concretely when it comes to cleaning and yet in almost every professional endeavor these five considerations are part of an efficient process in accomplishing a desired end.

In this segment let’s look quickly at what sizing up the scope of a job means. We start by simply asking ourselves honestly how long will it take and how frequently does it need to be done. For example bedrooms generally need more care and more dusting because of the use of bedding which creates dust. Rooms with open windows or living close to railroad tracks or highways always create more dust. Don’t be surprised by these factors – they are realities. But also remember that the areas of the home that are not occupied as much will need less maintaining so don’t clean what doesn’t need cleaning!

Consider ordering the “HomeAdvantage 21 Topics” Workbook which contains a Time Estimate Worksheet for families. This covers all the rooms in a house and will be a great resource to help you to work smarter, not harder.

In the following weeks we will discuss Methods, Approaches, Resources, and Time Gluttons involved in Efficient Cleaning. In the meantime, honestly look at each area of the house to see where you are spending the most time cleaning and ask yourself why and how you might be able to streamline some of the work. Don’t forget to log on in the next weeks ahead for more practical thoughts cleaning ideas.

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