Does Clutter Matter in a Student’s Bedroom?

Today there is an ongoing debate in some school districts about the value of homework. In reality the question has been out there for a long time. To date, most school districts still see the importance of homework. It not only prepares the students for the next day but keeps their minds focused on the lessons learned. In other words their studies continue. Those studies more often than not take place in their space, their bedrooms.

Most of us today leave that space to the kids. We say: “if they want to live in a mess, so be it; there are more important battles to be concerned about”. That may be true, but how would we feel if their classrooms at school were a mess?  We all learn and develop better when surrounded by order. Order clears the mind to take in what needs to be absorbed. Have you ever heard your children complain that they can’t concentrate when doing their homework or on the other hand, they seem to get it done quicker than is humanly possible?  

Too many things are a distraction to most of us particularly when we are trying to accomplish something. They cause our minds to wander. May I suggest that in your preparation for the school year, you might include the missing link for their success which is helping your children to stay on top of the clutter in their rooms? It just may be the one additional ingredient for them to be able to master achieving that challenging “A”.

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