Color can make a Difference in Cleaning Time


Most of us when selecting furniture and floor coverings seldom think about the effect that color has on cleaning time.The following are some hints that you may want to consider as you shop for the next addition to your home.

-      Dark wood furniture reveals the dust easier than light or blond furniture.

-      Glass tops show dust, film and fingerprints and usually take longer to clean and maintain than wood furniture.

-      Dark wood floors reveal the dust but hide the dirt. The same principle applies to carpet.

-      Blond floors hide the dust but reveal the dirt and the same is true for carpet.

-      Light upholstery reveals soil but can hide the dust longer than a dark solid fabric.

-      A dark print fabric is a practical choice for upholstered furniture that is family friendly.

Would love to hear your practical thoughts on the decorating that has saved you cleaning energy.

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