Cleaning Day for the Family


There will always be a long running debate about the value of a weekly or monthly cleaning day for the family vs. the alternate idea of daily chores

What is good for one situation may not be for another. Below are eight suggestions to consider as you decide the pros and cons.

For a day of cleaning make sure your time frame is practical by considering everyone’s activities?

Try to make it as pleasant as possible by planning a fun lunch and music that all will enjoy.

Have the day well laid out according to job capability.

Remember to compliment their efforts while you are instructing and helping.

Keep in mind that all day cleaning whether weekly or monthly may bring resistance and establish a negative attitude.

The alternate idea of daily chores rotated among the children is a practical answer to a cleaning day.

It is always a worth while idea to post what needs to be done and by whom.

Be assured that a good job is usually its own reward but a sincere ‘thank you’ also goes a long way.

We all learn best by doing so whether it is through daily chores or weekly and monthly cleaning schedules including the children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them to prepare for their future homes.

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