An Unexpected Ally in the War on Ants

Memorial Day is almost here and summer is around the corner…. with it may come the march of a thousand small ants.

Some weeks ago as I opened the pantry for some coffee grounds I was greeted with such an invasion. Those white ant traps that I suppose we all should keep on hand were not to be found in my utility closet. An emergency back up was needed quickly and was found in Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homemaking by Miriam Lukken. (more…)

Join a Discussion Group

Women usually love to talk and share things that are meaningful to us in our lives.  As result there are many women getting together discussing various topics. There are home gatherings held to enhance our health and beauty as well as groups designed to lend support in raising children.

For years there have been countless magazines and television shows on various aspects of beautifying a home but until HomeAdvantage Plus there have not been discussion groups to support women in their role as homemakers. To date HomeAdvantage discussion groups have taken place in 18 states across the U.S. and in Taiwan and Singapore lending encouragement to women eager to grow in the practical knowledge of caring for their homes.


Work-Life Balance

It was great fun to have had the opportunity to appear on Women of Grace and to be interviewed by Johnnette Benkovic during the week of April 23rd. Looking back on the week I realize how much was touched on in our discussions of the work of the home and yet, due the many variables involved in keeping up a home, the discussions could have gone on and on. That is what these blogs are meant to stimulate: real discussion and sharing that will produce real encouragement.

One of the universal concerns we all have is balancing of our time between home and outside activities. The first thing we might consider is to be realistic about the time needed to manage our homes. (more…)

The Stay at Home Mom

Recently the media has been tuned in to the topic of the “stay at home mom” and in particular to the question: “does she really work”? A few years ago I wrote an article about this topic and in it equated mom’s work in the home to a CEO. Most of us don’t put ourselves in that category but in reality we should. We may not be receiving a paycheck for all our work but if we did I doubt that our husbands could afford us! (more…)

Watch for us!

On Monday, February 27 we will be filming several segments of “Women of Grace” with Johnnette Benkovic on EWTN.  We’ll let you know when the programs will air.  We’re excited to share HomeAdvantage with the “Women of Grace” audience.


Stay tuned!

“Training” Husbands?

Recently someone suggested an article on “training husbands”. Actually that someone was my husband , John.  After a good laugh and the suggestion that he must have felt like a puppy dog all these years to come up with the idea, I had to admit it was a good one.

When we are interested in buying a house the first thing we (more…)

Christmas Greetings!

Christmas Greetings!

Recently I read a brief history on the House of Loreto.  According to tradition it was the home of the Holy Family and in the early centuries was miraculously transported to the town of Loreto in Italy.  The article contained three beautiful quotes that I believe send special messages to all homes not only during this blessed season but for each season throughout the year.

St. Josemaria reminds us of the valuable role of the ordinary homemaker with these encouraging words.  “We can’t foget that Mary spent nearly everyday of her life just like millions of other women who look after their families, bringing up their children and (more…)

Does Clutter Matter in a Student’s Bedroom?

Today there is an ongoing debate in some school districts about the value of homework. In reality the question has been out there for a long time. To date, most school districts still see the importance of homework. It not only prepares the students for the next day but keeps their minds focused on the lessons learned. In other words their studies continue. Those studies more often than not take place in their space, their bedrooms.

Most of us today leave that space to the kids. We say: “if they want to live in a mess, so be it; there are more important battles to be concerned about”. That may be true, but how would we feel if their classrooms at school were a mess?  We all learn and develop better when surrounded by order. Order clears the mind to take in what needs to be absorbed. Have you ever heard your children complain that they can’t concentrate when doing their homework or on the other hand, they seem to get it done quicker than is humanly possible?  

Too many things are a distraction to most of us particularly when we are trying to accomplish something. They cause our minds to wander. May I suggest that in your preparation for the school year, you might include the missing link for their success which is helping your children to stay on top of the clutter in their rooms? It just may be the one additional ingredient for them to be able to master achieving that challenging “A”.

Cleaning Day for the Family


There will always be a long running debate about the value of a weekly or monthly cleaning day for the family vs. the alternate idea of daily chores

What is good for one situation may not be for another. Below are eight suggestions to consider as you decide the pros and cons.

For a day of cleaning make sure your time frame is practical by considering everyone’s activities?

Try to make it as pleasant as possible by planning a fun lunch and music that all will enjoy.

Have the day well laid out according to job capability.

Remember to compliment their efforts while you are instructing and helping.

Keep in mind that all day cleaning whether weekly or monthly may bring resistance and establish a negative attitude.

The alternate idea of daily chores rotated among the children is a practical answer to a cleaning day.

It is always a worth while idea to post what needs to be done and by whom.

Be assured that a good job is usually its own reward but a sincere ‘thank you’ also goes a long way.

We all learn best by doing so whether it is through daily chores or weekly and monthly cleaning schedules including the children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them to prepare for their future homes.

Color can make a Difference in Cleaning Time


Most of us when selecting furniture and floor coverings seldom think about the effect that color has on cleaning time.The following are some hints that you may want to consider as you shop for the next addition to your home.

-      Dark wood furniture reveals the dust easier than light or blond furniture.

-      Glass tops show dust, film and fingerprints and usually take longer to clean and maintain than wood furniture.

-      Dark wood floors reveal the dust but hide the dirt. The same principle applies to carpet.

-      Blond floors hide the dust but reveal the dirt and the same is true for carpet.

-      Light upholstery reveals soil but can hide the dust longer than a dark solid fabric.

-      A dark print fabric is a practical choice for upholstered furniture that is family friendly.

Would love to hear your practical thoughts on the decorating that has saved you cleaning energy.