Bedroom Clutter

The bedroom is the easiest place to let clutter happen since it is our personal space and we can convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter, no one will see it! In truth, because it is our personal space it needs to be kept in order to honor our own dignity and practically speaking, to be able find and care for our things in a timely way.  A clutter free bedroom facilitates calm and peace of mind in the midst of our hectic world.

Making the bed every morning is the first step to keeping order in the bedroom and controlling clutter. It sets the tone for hanging up and folding clothes. If you and the children make the bed first thing in the morning you will be on a roll to controlling the clutter. An unmade bed just attracts clutter since psychologically it is easy to toss those clothes you don’t want to put away onto this already messy space.

Reviewing the closet and drawers at least seasonally and eliminating what is no longer worn is a great way to keep control of bedroom clutter. Overflowing closets and drawers cause items to land on the floor or chairs. Less is always more when it comes to stuff!

At least twice a week take a look at what is on the top of your chest and desk to eliminate what doesn’t belong there. If you do this regularly you will eventually get in the habit of not letting things accumulate daily on these spaces.

Finally have a good laundry bag or hamper close by. There are very attractive ones available that can complement any room and will hide the clothes clutter until laundry time.

What are your bedroom clutter control suggestions or challenges?  Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Mrs Clark

    I am enjoying watching you on EWTN. I am disabled so I really related to the issue of thinking no one can do as good a job as me mentality. In my case not being able to do it was a big motivator to getting help. My 18 year old helper was dusting when you Demonstrated the technique-great timing!

    We had our house remodeled to accomidate our challenges. I had a clothes hamper placed in the cabinet in the bathroom. Miracle of miracles my husband after 43 years of marriage is putting dirty clothes in the hamper.

  2. Tabatha

    My difficulty is with clothes and paper, clothes in that I don’t want to wash a clothing item every time I touch them and also I’ve kept items of a smaller size in case (and in hopes that) I can fit them again. I just keep too many out of possibilities that my life may go a certain way. I have gotten rid of clothes that I later regret, and I’ve had clothes “borrowed.” So I tend to hang on. It is hard for me to let go of an item that is worn if I liked it a lot. I feel like I don’t have a good sense of fashion, try to have my own style and am not willing to buy trendy things or current clothes that are from China. I have all the organizer clothing racks, hanging shoe racks, storage bins for drawers for my daughter. Still, it looks cluttered and things go missing…


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