Bathroom Clutter

The bathroom is easy to clutter and easy to ignore. It is the space in which we seek bodily cleanliness and yet for some reason we find towels on the floor and wash cloths in a ball on the sink counter not to mention makeup and hair care items everywhere but in their proper space.

Having the needed number and style of age appropriate towel racks is the first requisite in keeping them off of the floor. With children’s bathrooms different color towels may help the process. Keep in mind that towels usually can be used two to three times before a new one is needed. The more towels available, the more will be used and the more will end up on the floor. If there is room, a good ventilated basket to catch those dirty towels may help to keep control of the floor clutter.

There are countless organizers for the showers, bathtubs and drawers to help keep clutter control within possibilities but size up and measure your space before shopping. Even if there is not an inch of floor space, a hanging shelf may be just what you need on that open wall next to the vanity.  Drawer organizers are the best way to keep those cosmetics under control but remember they also can quickly become out of control. At least monthly remove all of the makeup and wash down the containers and trays. Throw out those old items you never use. Do the same for the medicine cabinet that usually holds far more than medicine.

If you are concerned about how you can better use your space and control the clutter, splurge and buy a magazine that specializes in storage items for various rooms. There are countless suggestions and I am sure there will be a few that will fit your bathroom space perfectly! Good luck!

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