An Unexpected Ally in the War on Ants

Memorial Day is almost here and summer is around the corner…. with it may come the march of a thousand small ants.

Some weeks ago as I opened the pantry for some coffee grounds I was greeted with such an invasion. Those white ant traps that I suppose we all should keep on hand were not to be found in my utility closet. An emergency back up was needed quickly and was found in Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homemaking by Miriam Lukken.

This book is a delightful bedtime adventure into countless home remedies of years gone by. Even though 90% of them are designed for entertaining reading somehow I knew my salvation in defeating this early morning invasion would be found in this timeless book of practical advice.  I had remembered reading something about ants and sure enough the index sent me to page 42 and to my solution. No complicated remedy or running to the store was needed; the only thing called for was salt. After cleaning out and washing down the shelves I lightly sprinkled salt and hoped for the best. It has been five weeks without a second invasion and I am no longer hopeful but am convinced that this simple solution is only a small example of the many others that are hidden out there in past history.

Salt in recent years has gotten a bad rap particularly when it comes to health issues but after my personal experience I felt duty bound to share my little discovery which has helped me to realize that our great grandparents probably solved many of their daily household challenges much more cheaply and efficiently than we tend to do. I am not suggesting  that we turn back the clock all that much since I do like my microwave and self-cleaning oven but I am suggesting that a little nostalgic travel now and then can actually present a few useful discoveries and when it does don’t be afraid to share.

Do you have a special household remedy to share? Would love hearing from you

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