About Home Advantage

What words would you like to describe your home? Peaceful…organized…comfortable… efficient…beautiful…
Our homes are at the heart of reaching what is most important in our lives: happiness, harmony, a haven for rest and renewal—that most personal space where relationships are fostered and families grow.

HomeAdvantage is here to help you create the home environment you envision, with less stress and greater enjoyment.

Our discussion groups are the core of HomeAdvantage. None of us is born with all of the knowledge, skill or intuition needed to make a home. For some it might come more naturally, but in our fast paced lives many of us could use some support to discover ways to create the home lives we envision. Our learning materials guide individual reflection and small group discussion on topics related to creating and maintaining our homes and families.

While no two homes or families are exactly the same, there are many common challenges we face in balancing work, home and life. There are fantastic resource books and websites available on the topics of organization and home care…but lasting learning and practical encouragement need to be reinforced in different ways. HomeAdvantage discussion groups offer simple, enjoyable environments to learn what works with others who share similar experiences.

HomeAdvantage workbook materials provide the reference point for starting conversations that lead to lasting appreciation for some of the most important work in the world: creating a home. Start your own group with friends and colleagues. Workbook materials are designed for:

  • Parent, neighborhood, or church groups
  • Workplace lunch discussion groups
  • Couples and marriage preparation and enrichment groups
  • Work-from-home entrepreneurs or virtual employees based at home

Not yet part of a discussion group? In the meantime, join the virtual discussion here. Our blog will keep you stocked with ideas to help your efforts at housekeeping and work, family and life balance. Here you’ll find support for streamlining, time management and organizing strategies to care for your home with less stress. Visit often to share your experiences for creating the home that works for you.

HomeAdvantage was started by the “mother-daughter” team of Kathie and Mary Hunt. From the seed of Kathie’s initial idea, we continue to broaden the community of people who want to discover and share their HomeAdvantage. Here is a little bit more about us…

Kathie Hunt has over 35 years of experience managing an active household while holding many leadership positions on educational boards and non-profit organizations. With her organizational skills and coaching ability she is frequently called on for advice, offering others effective guidance in managing their homes. Kathie now shares her extensive homemaking experience through HomeAdvantage.
Kathie is a regular contributor the the Community section of the Naples News in Naples, Florida.
email: kathiehunt@homeadvantageplus.com

Mary Hunt is a consultant in performance management and organizational development. Currently she is completing a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a research focus on leadership and the work-family interface.  She is Assistant Professor of Business and Psychology at Ave Maria University.  Mary integrated her training and business experience with Kathie’s practical knowledge and experience to develop HomeAdvantage. For more about Mary’s background, visit her LinkedIn page.
email: maryhunt@homeadvantageplus.com